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Homework Guidelines

District Guidelines for Homework

General ranges for frequency and duration of assignments:

  • Kindergarten: occasional short homework assigned
  • Grades 1-2: approximately 10-20 minutes per night
  • Grades 3-5: approximately 30-50 minutes per night

*Ranges are cumulative nightly and certain circumstances may require additional time.

Make-Up Work…When Your Child Is Ill
When your child is absent from school, we know that both parent and child frequently worry about “work missed.” Meadowvale feels that the majority of the child’s energies should be spent on getting well. However, if a parent decides their child is able to do school work, the parent should contact their child's teacher to arrange for homework assignments. Keep in mind that homework will only be given for concepts already taught (not future work) and that assignments may be modified for absent children. For each day of absence, one day will be allowed for completion of make-up work. However, if an extended amount of time is needed or unusual circumstances regarding make-up occur, parents and teachers need to communicate.

Make-Up Work…When Your Family Is On Vacation
Regular attendance is a must for good academic performance. Keeping up with school assignments is very difficult for students with excessive or irregular attendance. Daily classroom instruction that explains curricular content is crucial for total understanding of the curriculum. Please plan family vacation times to coincide as much as possible with school vacation and holidays. Vacations during school days are not encouraged. However, we are aware that sometimes the family vacation has to be taken when school is in session. We know that travel can be a wonderfully enriching experience for everyone. To help your child get the most from a vacation and to keep up with school work, the following vacation guidelines have been developed:

  • Please notify your child’s teacher two weeks prior to your scheduled vacation by a written note that states the days your child will be absent while on vacation and the general geographic areas you will visit. If your child’s teacher feels it is appropriate/necessary to assign work prior to or during the vacation, they will communicate with you.
  • Please do not expect school work to be assigned or provided prior to vacations. Make-up work will be assigned after your child returns to school. The amount of work may be modified to best meet the needs of each child. One day of make-up time will be allowed for each day of absence. Unusual circumstances regarding make-up work should be discussed by parent and teacher.
  • Teachers may ask children to do some of the following activities while on vacation (their experiences then can be shared with the child’s classmates on return): scrapbooks, picture diary, journal, and map marked with places/dates, etc.